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Paletree Arcana

Anahata~Hand crafted Arkansas clear quartz and Olive vesuvianites Tiffany technique crystal Talisman necklace~

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A natural Arkansas clear quartz point adorned with a olive green Vesuvianite cabochon bound together with my hand done molten metalwork (Sterling silver,tin and copper tape)
All metalwork was given a wax seal using jewelry wax and finally lacquered to protect the patina overtime.

Comes suspended from gunmetal chain please choose your length.


Arkansas Quartz is known for its
high, clear, vibrant and effervescent energies. It is one of most programmable Quartz and can become a very effective healing crystal. Clear quartz crystal is known as a universal stone. Its clarity and beauty in its natural form is categorically spellbinding.

Vesuvianite helps with balancing and activating your digestive processes and enhances the intake of nutrients from food. This stone may relieve stress based illnesses, calm a racing heart and pulse. 

Vesuvianite is a stone of support, it can be used to help strengthen the legs and feet, to counter varicose and spider veins and to enhance the integrity and strength of all types of tissues in the body.

It will support and enhance the healing process for those of you with poor blood circulation, high blood pressure, anaemia and heart disease.
Vesuvianite is renown for its ability to assist you in releasing anger and dispelling negativity. It relieves feelings of claustrophobia especially in relationships. Vesuvianite breaks the chains by which you feel bound and helps you to escape repetitive negative thoughts and actions that strengthen them. It also speeds healthy weight loss where over eating has an emotional basis. It will ease unfounded fear, chronic depression and unwarranted guilt.