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Bone Church

Hand crafted Sterling rose cut blue Labradorite Victorian bow layering pendant necklace~

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"F͢o͢l͢l͢o͢w͢ u͢s͢ o͢n͢ I͢n͢s͢t͢a͢g͢r͢a͢m͢ f͢o͢r͢ o͢u͢r͢ l͢a͢t͢e͢s͢t͢ u͢p͢d͢a͢t͢e͢s͢,g͢i͢v͢e͢a͢w͢a͢y͢s͢,s͢a͢l͢e͢s͢ a͢n͢d͢ s͢n͢e͢a͢k͢ p͢e͢e͢k͢s͢ o͢f͢ n͢e͢w͢ l͢i͢s͢t͢i͢n͢g͢s͢ b͢e͢f͢o͢r͢e͢ t͢h͢e͢y͢ h͢i͢t͢ t͢h͢e͢ s͢h͢o͢p͢”


Hand forged with saws, hammers, sterling & fine silver,rose cut blue Labradorite & fire🔥

The bow motif in jewelry is a classic trend that never seems to go out of style. Originally gaining popularity in the French royal court of King Louis XIV, a bow brooch pinned near the heart was meant to convey that the wearer was in love. Bow jewelry also came into fashion during the Victorian era, when Queen Victoria popularized wearing bow brooches as a remembrance of lost loved ones.

A sterling and fine silver Victorian bow and raspberry sapphire pendant.
It features a rose cut raspberry sapphire cabochon framed in beaded wire work.

Above the stone a fine silver victorian bow hand formed from a antique vintage die from France from the 1900’s.


{ Please see photos for chain sizing chart diagram before making your chain length  selection } (Shown on 18 inch chain in photos)

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