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Bone Church Jewelry

Unger Bros die cast Faery bat woman sterling and fine silver necklace~

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Single middle bail option


“Fo͢l͢l͢o͢w͢ u͢s͢ o͢n͢ I͢n͢s͢t͢a͢g͢r͢a͢m͢ f͢o͢r͢ o͢u͢r͢ l͢a͢t͢e͢s͢t͢ u͢p͢d͢a͢t͢e͢s͢,g͢i͢v͢e͢a͢w͢a͢y͢s͢,s͢a͢l͢e͢s͢ a͢n͢d͢ s͢n͢e͢a͢k͢ p͢e͢e͢k͢s͢ o͢f͢ n͢e͢w͢ l͢i͢s͢t͢i͢n͢g͢s͢ b͢e͢f͢o͢r͢e͢ t͢h͢e͢y͢ h͢i͢t͢ t͢h͢e͢ s͢h͢o͢p͢”


These are created from a die made by the Unger Bros.
This is a die that was produced in the between (1872–1910)
These were created from a replica die made from the original die.
They were die pressed from 24 gaunge fine silver and the sweat soldered onto a backplate of 20 gauge sterling silver.

The back plate is solid 20gauge sterling silver.
I have added a dark patina and some black detailing to ensure the details of this beautiful piece pop!

These pendants measure around 1.5 top to bottom and 1.5 across.

These come in 18 inch sterling silver rollo chain with lobster clasps.

Each on has a 925 stamp and my personal hallmark stamp on the backplate.

In this listing, you will see two different options you may select from for the bail either a singular circular center bale or two small bails on either .

The two that I use in the photos are created and ready to ship. Those will go out to the first ones ordered after that each one will be a made to order necklace.

So please allow 2~4 weeks for creation depending on my order number and work flow time because once again these are hand made by me in my home studio 💜